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Beware of anyone who tells you how much your Web site will cost without going through a thorough consultation and budgeting process. You might end up missing a few essential parts or getting more (or less!) than you anticipated. You will need a detailed and itemized project outline before you can make an informed decision. Also, beware of those who don't give you a realistic estimate after the consulting and budgeting is done. Above all, beware of those who promise your Web site will make lots of money for you.

I steadfastly refuse to state any general pricing guidelines for creating a Web site. I have many reasons for this policy, but it's mainly because no two Web sites I develop are alike. Even for a basic yet dignified Web presence, the cost can vary tremendously, depending on numerous factors, such as the artwork (graphics, images, photos) required, the number of pages, copy editing, translation and the technical features necessary to get the job done correctly. Expenses such as domain name registration, Web hosting and search engine submission must also be taken into consideration.

[Great Web and Print Design] [Web Wizdom: The bitterness of poor quality and poor service lasts far longer than the sweetness of the lowest price.] For a complete custom Web site, I will not quote you a price until we've discussed your proposed site and your budget in detail. I will then submit a site layout for your approval. Then, when you know you are getting exactly what you want and are satisfied with the direction we will be taking together, I will give you a contract that specifies exactly what you're paying for. No hidden fees. No small print. No inflated promises. No surprises. The only cost assurance I can give you is that it will be reasonable and competitive.
[Great Web and Print Design] You have to look far into the future of your Web site to truly justify the cost. A Web site by Jocey Designs is a long-term investment in your business. I do not create the kind of sites that generate immediate e-commerce income. You must consider it as part of your overall promotion/marketing/advertising budget. Once it's successfully launched, it becomes very affordable, compared to other forms of advertising. And, don't forget, it is more than likely a tax deductible expense. Contact Jocey Designs today to get a fair and realistic estimate for the Web site you need to promote your business.
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