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Jocey Designs is an award-winning multi-service design studio specializing in bilingual Internet-based solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed individuals and non-profit organisations. Services include custom Web designs, professional site management, hosting, print graphics and all related services for all your communication needs, in English and in French.
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Your first consultation is FREE. If you decide to avail yourself of Jocey Designs' services, I will guide you through the design process and advise you on content, functionality, marketing and promotion and all aspects of the Internet. You will not be alone. You have questions. I have the answers.

[Domain Name Registration]
If you don't have a domain name (URL/Web address), I will help you to choose one that people will associate with you... and it will be yours! Not only do you have to build a great presence, you need the right address for people to easily recognize and find you. It will also allow you to personalize your e-mail address. Why promote someone else's company when you could be doing it for yourself? It will give you a professional image, credibility and a competitive edge. It's called branding. You need branding in many other aspects of your site to create consistent public awareness of your site. I help you achieve that level of recognition... but don't wait! Someone else could be first to snatch that special one.

[Great Web and Print Design] [Web Wizdom: Having your Web site supported by a full range of services is always the wisest approach.] [Web Content Development]
I work closely with you to help you define what you want and to determine exactly what you need on your site. This includes technical features and graphic components as well as editorial advice and copy editing... in English or in French. Under my control, all these elements come together to produce an attractive, error-free, effective and functional Web site. The basic principles of good Web design and construction are always implemented with care.
[Great Web and Print Design] [Web Related Graphic Services]
Jocey Designs will take your images, scan them and optimize them for the best possible presentation on the Internet. It's important to have this professionally done to ensure that everyone, regardless of their computer or browser, sees what you want them to see. High quality/small file size to ensure quick download is the main objective.
[Custom Web Design]
[Great Web and Print Design] [Customized Graphic Design]
[Apple Computer] Personalized design is an essential service I offer. This may include helping you get the best possible photographs of yourself or important aspects of your business. What most clients appreciate is my ability to create specialized artwork that appeals to site visitors while being appropriate for your business image. Consistent, overall site design is also part of this service. I can create a logo for you as well as unique navigational and accent elements and all the images necessary for your Web site.

[Programming and Technical Development]
[Excellent Services] This includes all technological capabilities necessary to ensure your site functions exactly the way you envision it and follows current Internet conventions. Numerous site enhancement techniques are available if your budget allows for them. This could include things like contact forms, auto-responders and opt-in mailing lists/e-zines. Together we will determine the most effective techniques to target and reach your potential audience. Regardless of the enhancements which are implemented, every site is fully optimized for maximum exposure to Internet search engine spiders and bots.

[Hosting and Site Administration]
A vital service that others often neglect. Jocey Designs provides secure, reliable and economical Web hosting solutions for its clients. With me, you are not on your own once your site is launched. At a very reasonable cost, Jocey Designs will ensure your site is properly hosted, consistently maintained and updated with new information whenever you require. Hosting includes transfer and set-up of domain name, plenty of server space, e-mail aliases, auto-responders, mass e-mail distribution for opt-in mailing lists, regular verification of all external and internal links and direct access online to your site's password protected traffic logs 24 hours/365 days.

  [Search Engine Registration]
Client Registration with the major search engines and Internet directories is also part of my services. This is an essential process, which must be done manually, one search engine at a time. It takes time and effort to reach optimal ranking. You'll benefit from my expertise at getting your site properly registered with the numerous Internet search engines. Search engine ranking is an "art", not a science. Jocey Designs will do everything possible to ensure your site is found -- by the people you want: potential clients ready to do business with you.

[Related Print-Based Material]
Your Web site should also be supported by printed collateral. Use print to promote your domain name (URL) and to create a consistent visual look for you or your organization. Jocey Designs can help you here too. Business cards, Web Cards/postcards, note pads, and letterhead are just some of the related offline graphic services I can provide.

Contact Jocey Designs today to discuss your goals and requirements.

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