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[Knowledge, Skills, Techniques] I've discovered that many of the people who wish to work with me are actually a little bit intimidated by the thought of having a Web site. Yet they know they need to be on the Net in order to "compete" and be seen. Corporate Web sites have become so big and so powerful that the notion of a professionally designed and maintained site for an individual has become almost overwhelming. However, that is so far from the truth and that is the force of the Internet. Anyone can look big if what they project to the world is done right.

Don't be afraid... and don't believe everything that is said about the Internet. Every person can have a Web site. Every business needs a Web site! It can be anything from one page to 200 pages. Your needs and your budget will help us to determine what is the most productive and effective method to reach your goals and to increase your success. You can no longer ignore the force of the Internet. It is here to stay. Embrace it and you will come out ahead.

Many of my clients are real estate agents. Many work with corporations such as Royal LePage, Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX or Sutton Group. Others are associated with independent brokers. They may work within the support of the Web sites operated by these large real estate companies but they need their own individual Web presence to personally introduce themselves to prospective home buyers and sellers. Other clients are children's summer camps, youth organizations, sports associations, self-employed individuals and charities. All have increased their revenues and membership as a direct result of establishing a Web presence for their target audience, potential clients, and the entire world to see.

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I've talked to people who thought their business was "too small" or "too local" to have a Web site and that it would complicate their life. For some, this may be true. Others did not regret their decision to make their presence known to the world. If you have something to offer which provides you with revenue, that is a valid enough reason to have a site. Web sites are often no more than a way to promote and market something, anything, and to inform, to communicate. You're never too small to have a Web presence. And, it's not complicated if you follow my guidance.

[Great Web and Print Design]

Jocey Designs takes care of everything for you by offering all necessary services to produce, host, maintain and market your Web site.

Likewise, I've worked with non-profit organizations that thought a site wasn't within their budget. They're now convinced that their Web presence was a wise and lucrative investment of those limited funds.

I know there are many other people out there who need a straightforward yet appropriate Web presence which is also well designed.

Many Web developers want to sell you technology, and all the bells and whistles, beyond your budget or to make things complicated for no good reason.

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Some people resort to having their site done by family or friends or other "amateurs" and hobbyists -- with results they aren't proud of and which are less than impressive.

Jocey Designs provides a financially realistic yet creatively professional alternative for those who want a visible and attractive Web presence. I will create a professional image for you - a personally comfortable place where you'll be pleased to greet visitors. Contact Jocey Designs today to discuss your objectives and needs. Jocey will help you find the right solution for you.

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