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Jocelyne [Jocey] de La Fontaine
Web Designer/Concepteur de sites Web

Jocey Designs
Markham, Ontario

E-mail: jocey@joceydesigns.com

There is NO charge and NO obligation for the first consultation. Discuss your needs, objectives and expectations with regard to Web and/or graphic design. Jocey will find the right solution for you. You have nothing to lose. You can expect a courteous reply within 24 hours... by e-mail or use the form below provided for your convenience.

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[Great Web and Print Design] [The Web can be an impersonal place. To have a Web presence you're personally pleased with, you must have a personal relationship with your Web designer.] Yes, of course, it's possible to get a Web site online without much personal involvement with your Web designer. That's not wise though, and it's certainly not the way it works with me. To have your Web site created by Jocey Designs you must be readily available to comment on the progress of your Web site. I cannot do it without your input. I'm there to guide you through the entire creative process. Once we've successfully launched your site, I can provide all the necessary technical services.

There is no great mystery to having a Web site created by Jocey Designs - just a lot of mutual understanding and wise decision-making.
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It costs you nothing to find out if we can work together. After we've had a chance to discuss your goals and get better acquainted, you'll surely see the wisdom of working with me.

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